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boffer clip med - Alissa

Item 1 - Build two boffer weapons that can be used to fight 6 ft (2 m) apart and film a battle with them. Upload your video here.

boffer arrows vs "the longest thing I can make must be the best" polearm. video was try 1, which was basically a neverending chase where the polearm couldn't get a solid blow but the archer had no time to fire. revised rules required 1 foot stays in a hula hoop 6 feet apart. with the revision, archer won rounds 1 and 3 while "polearm" won round 2.

Item 2 - Calligraph your shopping list. Share a photo of it, here. Increase Difficulty Modifier to 3 for illumination!

Item 3 -Create a medieval style map of your neighborhood. Create new names for the streets, to protect your privacy. They can be puns on the actual street names, or descriptive names, or any nonsense. Upload a photo of your map.

Item 4 - Most Dramatic Death. Post photo or video.

Item 5 -Make an edible sword or weapon. Upload a photo. Keep it clean…

banana and cold pizza axe, a balanced breakfast!

goblin hobby short med - Alissa

Item 6 - Film a hobby horse race, inside the house.

goblinarchery - Alissa

Item 7 - Make a bow and arrow out of something modern in your house (like a ruler or a clothes hanger) and shoot it at a target. Post a video of your successful shot!

killing the dragon! bow: metal ruler, string: hair ties, arrow: foam paint brush, target: stuffed Figment the dragon

Item 9 - Tell a “no sh!t, there I was…” story, but it has to be true, and it has to be yours. Either text or video.

Transcript of a video too long to upload: Ok so before I was in the East I lived in Caid, and they do these peerage circle things and it’s a bit different there. And here’s His Majesty Edward, King of the East, walking around visiting and as a royal peer I’m being the social diplomat and we get talking and he says “You know these peerage circles are a bit too democratic for my taste”. And so I looked at him, cocktail in hand, and said: “That’s really odd coming from the People's Republic of the East!” Now a bunch of you will have heard that before, but His Majesty had never heard that before. And we got into this very serious discussion about how “they don’t say that there, it’s not a thing.” Now I told him every time I have visited someone has said “Welcome to the People's Republic of the East”. My first event in the East was a Yule and almost everyone I was introduced to there said “Hey thanks for visiting the People's Republic of the East”. Brennan was the first one who said it, and other people in this vigil, and I had visited 2 times and probably had it said to me by 6 different people. But Edward has been King 2 times already and has apparently never heard this and we are at Great Western War so there’s nobody around who can back me up and he’s been in the East a really long time so there’s really no talking him out of it. So he and I are at an impasse, I couldn’t convince him that this was a thing people actually said. No ground can be made on this discussion at all cause I’m still in Caid. So I move that summer and literally my very first event Edward is introducing me around as a new resident of the East and the very first person he introduces me to is Count Thorson. Edward, formal introduction, “this is Her Excellency, Countess…” and Thorson is very nice and polite and the very first words out of his mouth are: “Welcome to the People's Republic of the East”. Guys 9 months I had been waiting, and I could not comport myself very peerlike and just looked at him as was like “HA!” cause it had been like 15 minutes since we went through gate. And it was said multiple other times during the day but none were as satisfying and perfect as that first one that proved me right!

Item 11 - Do a diagram of a battle using candy or cookies. Make sure you take the photo _before_ you eat it!! If you can document the battle and include the documentation, increase the difficulty modifier to 3

Battle of Bannockburn, Scotland 1314. Diagram modeled from

goblin throwing - Alissa

Item 14 - Set up a target range in your back yard and have a water balloon tournament (Hint: different food coloring in each contestant’s water can help with scoring). Post a montage or time lapse video of the tournament.

Red vs Green water balloon death. Balloons on target on actual thrown weapons range, throwing knives from 10'. First to have all of their color popped wins (regardless of who did it). Ysane victory (green) though Arngeir claims he should tie since he killed his with the same number of throws (Ysane went first)

Item 15 - Make a piece of garb out of paper and/or cardboard. Post a photo of yourself (or whoever you made it for) wearing it.

viking apron dress from junk mail newspaper (and duck tape). undertunic is linen, hat is wool and fur

Item 22 - Cobble together an outfit through whatever means with as many bad costume tropes as possible! Viking helmet horns, corsets worn on the outside, etc. Post a photo of you posing in your glamorous look. No one will judge you here! (Well, except the judges…)

leather bodice, nothing under. elf ears. "circlet". heavy chainmail necklace. weird bracer type things with no functional purpose. fairy wings. peasant skirt hiked up weird. studded leather pouch. polyester pirate leggings. boots with stiletto heels. random big piece of fur.

Item 23 - Zoom an older member of your local branch and have them tell a “no sh!t, there I was…” story, from before your time. Upload the video. - video link, interview with Sir Cedric of Armorica

goblin candles - Alissa

Item 24 - Make a candelabrum out of stuff in your recycling. Do not light it with real candles (although fake candles are fine; just don’t set your house on fire, please). Do photograph it.

Item 25 - Have a joust with boffers or pool noodles. “Horses” can be human, hobby, or bicycle. WEAR A HELMET! Upload the video here.

Joust on kids bike vs kids tricycle. video too large to upload. was great, started out slightly civilized then turned into flailing at each other with the noodles til we were too far past to reach! favorite challenge by far!

Item 26 - Blazon your dinner. Include a photo of said dinner, along with your blazon. Bonus points if you don’t break any of the rules of heraldry.

Per fess broccoli and rice, a chief chicken

Item 27 - A clout shoot is a kind of tournament where you shoot your weapon straight up, and attempt to have it fall into a target area. Do a clout shoot in your yard, with beanbags or stuffed toys. Post either photos or a timelapse video here.

caption: stuffed duck flies to the win! Target was 3 different size hula hoops for a variety of scores. The dog was the highest scoring flyer, though the heavier duck seemed like it should have succeeded the best. The tiny raccoon sadly scored no points for its efforts and was returned to the chihuahua it was borrowed from.

Item 28 - Take a walk and identify as many plants that were around in middle ages Europe as you can. Additional Difficulty modifier: Common plants = 1 pt each, edible (ingredients) plants = 2 pts each, and medicinal plants = 3 pts each. Please identify which category you think each plant should belong in.

common: maple tree, clover, buttercup. edible: marigold, queen anne's lace. medicinal: english ivy, catmint, dandelion

Item 29 - Create a fake one page medieval documentation for something completely modern, like a car or a smart phone. Copy and paste it here (with pictures, if you have them)

Historical documentation of a vollyball

rps - Alissa

Item 29 - Cont.

rock paper scissors battle... I lose!

This was unfortunately put in the wrong spot, so no points will be awarded :(

Item 35 - Write a poem or story in a period style glorifying something totally mundane, like washing dishes, or walking your dog. Cut and paste the poem here. Include the name and period of the style you use. Keep it under a page, please (I’m looking at you, Norse Saga-ists).

Sonnet, first written in English in early 16th century.

Item 38 - Make an SCA playlist. Your choice of significance, trip to event, packing, at event, etc. Bonus points for making the "tape"

Pennsic playlist - traveling, drinking, fighting, relaxation, negotiations.

Item 39 - Make an accessory for your garb. Post a photo of you wearing it with your garb. Bonus points for documentation.

This headwear is based on the dublin hood, a migration era norse womens head covering. The original was tabby woven silk with ties on the front corners. There is no conclusive evidence of dye being used. Mine is undyed linen with cotton ties, cause that's what I had available. Construction, like the original, is a rectangle folded in half with a seam up the back. A line of additional stitching was added to both the original and mine to fit the back corner more closely to the head and create the little shark fin style point in the back. All edges were hemmed, and the strings were added to the front corners. Presumably they were ties so I made mine long enough to tie, but we have no evidence of how they were worn so I left them hanging when I modeled because I hate the feeling of things tied.

Item 44 - When Royals get together, they like to show off examples of their kingdoms’ artisans and artists, by exchanging gifts. They like to honor their own subjects with little gifts and lauds, as well. But these little tokens of respect and gratitude come from all of us! Make five pieces of largess, to donate to your local branch or kingdom, and upload a photo, here.

viking bead hangers