Team 2

Team Artemis

Item 2 - Calligraph your shopping list. Share a photo of it, here. Increase Difficulty Modifier to 3 for illumination!

Done by Anastasia of the Oaks

Item 3 -Create a medieval style map of your neighborhood. Create new names for the streets, to protect your privacy. They can be puns on the actual street names, or descriptive names, or any nonsense. Upload a photo of your map.

Done by Beatrice Lilli

Item 4 - Most Dramatic Death. Post photo or video.

Done by Anastasia of the Oaks. Selfies of dramatic deaths, without a selfie stick, are really hard!!

Item 5 -Make an edible sword or weapon. Upload a photo. Keep it clean…

My edible Medieval Flail with bloody proof it works!

Item 13 - Make the silliest period hat you can out of your recycling. Post a photo of yourself wearing it.

Done by Anastasia of the Oaks

Item 20 - Make an embroidery sampler, displaying at least six different period stitches or embroidery styles. Post a photo.

Done by Anastasia of the Oaks

Harper's-Hunt-Discovered-in-Stonemarche-Flora - Amy Perryman.pdf

Item 28 - Take a walk and identify as many plants that were around in middle ages Europe as you can. Additional Difficulty modifier: Common plants = 1 pt each, edible (ingredients) plants = 2 pts each, and medicinal plants = 3 pts each. Please identify which category you think each plant should belong in.

Prive - Melissa Dawson.docx

Item 35 - Write a poem or story in a period style glorifying something totally mundane, like washing dishes, or walking your dog. Cut and paste the poem here. Include the name and period of the style you use. Keep it under a page, please (I’m looking at you, Norse Saga-ists).

from Melissande of Berwick

Item 37 - Create a Public Service Announcement on proper social distancing and wearing a mask, within the SCA timeframes. This can be a 30 second video or a poster.

Done by Melissande of Berwick

The Plague Moderne - Melissa Dawson.pdf

Item 40 - Write a poem, filk or song about the plague or self-isolation. Upload a video of you performing it.

Written by Melissande or Berwick

Because I was not able to upload the videos – link is here:

Item 43 - Create an illuminated scroll blank for the Barony. Upload a photo of it here.

Item 44 - When Royals get together, they like to show off examples of their kingdoms’ artisans and artists, by exchanging gifts. They like to honor their own subjects with little gifts and lauds, as well. But these little tokens of respect and gratitude come from all of us! Make five pieces of largess, to donate to your local branch or kingdom, and upload a photo, here.

Done by Beatrice Lilli