Team 1

Sheep Picture Quest First Place

Total Points = 29

Please note, any missing pictures represent no submission for that item.

The Flockin' Babydolls

Take a photo of your flock and upload it.

The Flockin' Babydolls - 23 Old English Babydoll sheep residing for now in Madbury, Somersworth, Rochester and South Berwick.

Item 1 - Design heraldry for your sheep and photograph them displaying it.

The device for the Flockin' Babydolls is - Purpure a fleece hanging from a portcullis Or. Gold was chosen to signify their value and the over-all charge to remind any would-be sheep stealers that they are gaol bait. Design by Aine

Item 2 - Create a feast setting for your sheep and take a photo

Ciarnait set all of the sheep up at the table with all Sheep Edible food: Apples, Carrots, Mint (Spearmint and Chocolate), Sage, and Spring Onions

Item 3 - Post a photo of your sheep laid out for a Norse funeral, with all it's possessions (medieval and modern) that you wish it take to the next life.

Beatrice did this Viking burial based on information from - . List of stuff at funeral: a pet cat, scull, mug, bottle of booze,runes stones all around on the boat on the rocks that form the boat shape, sword, box of beads and jewelry, fork, 2 fish in the jewelry box,basket of food, club

Item 4 - Make an edible award necklace for your sheep. Post a video or photo, along with a brief ingredients list/recipe for the necklace.

Mistress Daisy is wearing a necklace of various grasses and herbs including plantain, marjoram, sorrel, Egyptian onion, and bearing the shepherds cane awarded to only the most honest sheep and shepherds. Done by Aine

Item 5 - Create a dramatic picture or scene, representing isolation, using medieval imagery. Post a photo and a brief explanation of the imagery.

After a lonely party of social distancing, Harpo (seen in the back by the knight) decided to become a hermit. He decided to emulate Simeon Stylites, the son of a shepherd, who lived on a pillar for 37 years. I apologize to anyone who is offended by these pictures. We never could get Harpo to wear clothes, and as you can see he is graphically nude.

Item 6 - Create a castle siege with toys. Take a photo including your sheep.

This castle siege is brought to you by Ciarnait and Ian. The Flockin' Babydolls withstood the assault.

Item 7 - Most elaborate “blanket fort” on a medieval theme! (Blanket castle, blanket motte and bailey).

Ian made this wonderful blanket fort for their part of the flock.

MVI_0891 - Barbara Trow.MP4

Item 8 - Zoom an older member of your group and have them tell a “no kidding, there I was…” story, from before your time.

Master Harold telling the tale of how St. Bunstable saved the Barony of Stonemarche in as. XXV

Item 9 - Recreate a famous moment of battle using stuffed toys. Upload photos or video. Bonus points if they are armed and armored.

In 1216, during the First Barons' War, a group of rebel barons invited the future Louis VIII of France to come and take the English crown. He had some success breaching the walls, but was ultimately unable to take the castle. There will be a video if I figure out how to upload it. Its url is

Item 10 - Make an accessory for your sheep. Post a photo of your sheep wearing. Bonus points for documentation.

Beatrice made an alms bag for her wandering Rover based on the one in the painting next to it. I am fried and lost the rest of the documentation

Item 11 - Make the silliest period hat you can out of your recycling. Post a photo of someone wearing it. Bonus points for making one for your sheep.

Beatrice made this Chaperon (/ˈʃæpəroʊn/ or /ˈʃæpərɒn/; Middle French: chaperon) was a form of hood or, later, highly versatile hat worn in all parts of Western Europe in the Middle Ages. Initially a utilitarian garment, it first grew a long partly decorative tail behind called a liripipe, and then developed into a complex, versatile and expensive headgear after what was originally the vertical opening for the face began to be used as a horizontal opening for the head. It was especially fashionable in mid-15th century Burgundy, before gradually falling out of fashion in the late 15th century and returning to its utilitarian status. It is the most commonly worn male headgear in Early Netherlandish painting, but its complicated construction is often misunderstood.

Item 12 - Is your household prepared to defend your keep against invaders? Design a period defense system for your home. Post a photo of the defense design. Bonus points if you actually build it.

This is how our sheep will defend our home. We couldn't get our neighbors to agree to let us dig a moat in time for the contest so we only have the design.

Item 13 - Make a suit of armor for your sheep out of any materials (fabric, leather, cardboard, aluminum foil, etc) that you have in the house. Dress them in it, and upload a photo.

When we moved this poor knight fell apart, but we brought it along anyway, and now he is put back together and Harpo is 'wearing' the armour.

Item 14 - Make a photo cut out board (the kind tourists stick their heads through the holes of, and take photos) for a famous event in history, or portraying historical characters, and of your sheep in it. Post the picture and include when and where the photo board is for.

Ciarnait choose The Winged Victory of Samothrace from the Louvre Museum. There is a picture of each sheep (but I can only upload one. The Googly Eyes are her favorites.

Item 14 - Continued

Bud wanted to add his entry too

Item 15 - Paint a charter, or make an awards promissory, and upload a photo of it.

Harold created the grant for our flock. The translation is "Be it known unto all and singular who come by these letters that Harold von Auerbach, Master of Eberhorn Manor in the Hippocampo region of Stonemarche does, by this charter, convey unto the Flockin’ Babydolls full grazing rights for sheep in the pasture land behind the manor house for a year and a day. Should anyone have the timerity to question their presence upon the property or to cause them harm in any fashion, that person shall be brought before the Baron and appointed bailiffs to there stand judgement. To this do I set my sign manual upon this feast day of Saint Gregory the Great, a.s. fifty-five." Harold von Auerbach

Item 16 - Make a banner to hang at the next event. Must be at least 2 feet tall. Post a photo of it hanging on your wall.

Purpure a fleece hanging from a portcullis Or

Rom+Jul-sm - Barbara

Item 17 - Perform the balcony scene from “Romeo and Juliet”, on your actual balcony (or creative substitute), with your sheep. Upload a video of the scene. Bonus points for production value and acting skills.

Unfortunately, Elen's sheep, Mable and Johnas were sheepishly tongue-tied with stage fright. The dialogue to this scene goes thusly

- R >>Juliet, Juliet, Juliet - I love her so much I'm going to spy on her. Oh wait - there she is!

J >> Romeo - why does the guy I fall for have to be an enemy? Sigh.

R >> (speaking out) I'll change my name!

J >> Eeek! Who's that? Wait - are you saying you love me?

R >> Yes! I love you!

J >> So sudden! Can I trust you? Or is this just a passing fancy?

R >> I love you I love you I love you!!! Really truly!

J >> Okay, find a priest and we'll be married and run off together!

R >> Great! Tomorrow! Good night!

J >> Good night!

Item 18 - Create an absolutely ridiculous award, with non-edible necklace and scroll, and award it to your sheep. Upload photos or video. Bonus points if you include the Court where you present the award.

Guardian of the Mint (chocolate mostly) Award presented to Sascha by Master Harold (who made the scroll). The Shepherd's Cane is so old it is not edible by human standards, but sheep will eat most anything.