Team 2

Sheep Picture Quest Second Place

Total Points = 21

Please note, any missing pictures represent no submission for that item.

Baaad Shepherd's

Take a photo of your flock and upload it.

Item 1 - Design heraldry for your sheep and photograph them displaying it.

Purpure, a sheep passant argent

Item 2 - Create a feast setting for your sheep and take a photo

Item 3 - Post a photo of your sheep laid out for a Norse funeral, with all it's possessions (medieval and modern) that you wish it take to the next life.

Item 4 - Make an edible award necklace for your sheep. Post a video or photo, along with a brief ingredients list/recipe for the necklace.

Necklace is made from ditalini pasta died with gel food coloring. The Provincial honor was carved from zucchini

Item 5 - Create a dramatic picture or scene, representing isolation, using medieval imagery. Post a photo and a brief explanation of the imagery.

A shy sheep looking out over the lonely plains from the front of her fortress

Item 6 - Create a castle siege with toys. Take a photo including your sheep.

Baby goat (adopted) and baby sheep battling for territory

Item 7 - Most elaborate “blanket fort” on a medieval theme! (Blanket castle, blanket motte and bailey).

Item 8 - Zoom an older member of your group and have them tell a “no kidding, there I was…” story, from before your time.

Item 9 - Recreate a famous moment of battle using stuffed toys. Upload photos or video. Bonus points if they are armed and armored.

St George fighting the Dragon, with the Princess in the Castle

Item 10 - Make an accessory for your sheep. Post a photo of your sheep wearing. Bonus points for documentation.

Aftermath of St George, fighting the Dragon. St George is wearing a tinfoil tabbard, with a sword. Unfortunately the dragon flame was hot enough to even burn wool.

Item 11 - Make the silliest period hat you can out of your recycling. Post a photo of someone wearing it. Bonus points for making one for your sheep.

Item 12 - Is your household prepared to defend your keep against invaders? Design a period defense system for your home. Post a photo of the defense design. Bonus points if you actually build it.

Item 13 - Make a suit of armor for your sheep out of any materials (fabric, leather, cardboard, aluminum foil, etc) that you have in the house. Dress them in it, and upload a photo.

The helmet is made of tinfoil and a paper cup. The chainmail was crocheted from metallic yarn, the shield was painted can lid, and the mace was a styrofoam ball on a dowel.

Item 14 - Make a photo cut out board (the kind tourists stick their heads through the holes of, and take photos) for a famous event in history, or portraying historical characters, and of your sheep in it. Post the picture and include when and where the photo board is for.

Item 15 - Paint a charter, or make an awards promissory, and upload a photo of it.

Colored pens on white paper. I am blaming the influence of Titivillus for the spelling mistake.

Item 16 - Make a banner to hang at the next event. Must be at least 2 feet tall. Post a photo of it hanging on your wall.

Item 17 - Perform the balcony scene from “Romeo and Juliet”, on your actual balcony (or creative substitute), with your sheep. Upload a video of the scene. Bonus points for production value and acting skills.

Item 18 - Create an absolutely ridiculous award, with non-edible necklace and scroll, and award it to your sheep. Upload photos or video. Bonus points if you include the Court where you present the award.

We felt it would be ridiculous to award a Malagentian Provincial Honor during a Stonemarche event