Team 3

Sheep Picture Quest Third Place

Total Points = 29

Please note, any missing pictures represent no submission for that item.

Blue Squirrel

Take a photo of your flock and upload it.

Item 1 - Design heraldry for your sheep and photograph them displaying it.

Item 2 - Create a feast setting for your sheep and take a photo

Pear custard pie, stuffed grape leafs, and beer bread

FullSizeRender - Krystyan

Item 3 - Post a photo of your sheep laid out for a Norse funeral, with all it's possessions (medieval and modern) that you wish it take to the next life.

Item 4 - Make an edible award necklace for your sheep. Post a video or photo, along with a brief ingredients list/recipe for the necklace.

Necklace made from dried blueberries, almond cluster, and a dried fig as the center.

Item 5 - Create a dramatic picture or scene, representing isolation, using medieval imagery. Post a photo and a brief explanation of the imagery.

Item 6 - Create a castle siege with toys. Take a photo including your sheep.

Item 7 - Most elaborate “blanket fort” on a medieval theme! (Blanket castle, blanket motte and bailey).

Used blanket castle in other pictures

Item 8 - Zoom an older member of your group and have them tell a “no kidding, there I was…” story, from before your time.

Item 9 - Recreate a famous moment of battle using stuffed toys. Upload photos or video. Bonus points if they are armed and armored.

Item 10 - Make an accessory for your sheep. Post a photo of your sheep wearing. Bonus points for documentation.

Item 10 - Cont.

French hood popular in the 16 c.

Item 11 - Make the silliest period hat you can out of your recycling. Post a photo of someone wearing it. Bonus points for making one for your sheep.

Item 12 - Is your household prepared to defend your keep against invaders? Design a period defense system for your home. Post a photo of the defense design. Bonus points if you actually build it.

Item 13 - Make a suit of armor for your sheep out of any materials (fabric, leather, cardboard, aluminum foil, etc) that you have in the house. Dress them in it, and upload a photo.

Chain mailed armor with felt helm, sword and shield

Item 14 - Make a photo cut out board (the kind tourists stick their heads through the holes of, and take photos) for a famous event in history, or portraying historical characters, and of your sheep in it. Post the picture and include when and where the photo board is for.

Item 15 - Paint a charter, or make an awards promissory, and upload a photo of it.

Item 16 - Make a banner to hang at the next event. Must be at least 2 feet tall. Post a photo of it hanging on your wall.

IMG_6118 - Krystyan Follansbee.MOV

Item 17 - Perform the balcony scene from “Romeo and Juliet”, on your actual balcony (or creative substitute), with your sheep. Upload a video of the scene. Bonus points for production value and acting skills.

Item 18 - Create an absolutely ridiculous award, with non-edible necklace and scroll, and award it to your sheep. Upload photos or video. Bonus points if you include the Court where you present the award.