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Le Pompe Patterns Pg. 3 and Variations

By Lady Ciarnait ni’Bhroin

This is a set of Bobbin Lace bookmarks made based on the Le Pompe Pattern on Page 3A and the variations I did with them.

The tools I used besides the actual pillow are shown in the Tools image. Included are the Pico Pins (Larger than normal pins, some are “Nail Pins” and others with the large round tops are “Marking Pins”. There is a “Pin Pusher” with the flat looking tip, that has a rounded indent at the end for pushing pins into the pillow. This is helpful for me when I am using the “Nail Pins” as they are harder to push into the pillow. There is also a “Pin Puller” which has the forked end. It is useful for pulling specific pins in the center when you do not want to pull others. The thread is the size linen I used in these bookmarks. It allowed the number of threads to match the thickness of the lines in the pattern the best.


Pattern 3A with Gold Detail

The first one named “Pattern 3A with Gold” is the pattern as it is shown in the book. You can see that in the pattern pricking next to the lace. I edged it in gold wire, and pointed the end for a more decorative look. We know they mixed wire and linen often from descriptions of bobbin lace in period, Queen Elizabeth’s inventory lists for example. In late period lace became more popular as trim, or even entire ruffs often labeled as “Gold or Silver Trimmed”. “Pattern 3A” is the same, but in all linen. “Variation 1 with Clippers” gives you an idea of the size proportions. “Pattern 3C” looks more complicated, but with fewer picos it was faster to make.

Pattern 3A

Pattern 3A with Gold

Pattern 3A Tassles

Pattern 3C

Since there are very few existent pieces of lace from this time, it is hard to know if this pattern was used as it is exclusively, or if it was modified to the whim of the maker. I chose to modify these bookmarks so that each person gifted with them had something unique and all their own. Each variation has 1 straight rectangle and 1 tasseled bottom end.

Variation 1: Has no Picos in the end diamonds.

Variation 2: Has no Picos in the outside of the large curves

Variation 1 Tassles

Variation 1 with Clippers

Variation 2 Tassles

Variation 2

Handkerchief Frame: This is an example of how this pattern may have been used during Elizabethan times.

Handkerchief Frame Pattern 3A Detail

Handkerchief Frame Pattern 3A