Harpers Retreat

Labor Day Weekend (September 4-September 6, 2020)

The wars of summer have been canceled due to the GREAT PLAGUE and our warriors have bravely fought their yearning for triumph and glory whilst being restricted to their homestead. Our throwers have all run out of steak knives and sharpened pencils. The archer’s arrows overflow their quivers and have all been fitted with new fletchings (our birds all need tunics to protect them from the elements). The houses of our artisans are bursting with creations waiting for the accolades and praise of the populace.  Our bards voices yearn to regale new audiences,  as do their housemates. The Barony of Stonemarche invites one and all to join us around the fire and celebrate gathering with friends once again (virtually).


Harper’s Retreat is an idyllic event centering around the bardic arts. Tournaments for Baronial Champions for Bardic, Archery, Fighting, Fencing, and Thrown Weapons shall be open to all. Champions are not required to live in the Barony, but must be willing to serve the Barony for one year. Please let the tournament organizer know if you do not wish to be considered for a Champion. There will be other activities and classes for those wishing to pursue them, or just relax and enjoy the splendor of the site and the company of good friends during a dip in the lake or around the campfire at night.

There will be many updates to the site as we prepare for this virtual event. Please bear with us and keep coming back for updates as things will be changing quickly!


Deirdre and Keziah,
Baroness and Baron of Stonemarche.

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