Merchants are welcome at no extra charge.  Merchants will be outdoors again this year, and should contact the event steward to reserve a space.

Bjorngarde Farms, Goods and Sundries - Handmade jewelry by Fine-Lee Crafted Custom Jewelry and Beadwork, hand forged metal goods and hand forged cutlery from Old World Ironworks, as well as good made from bone and horn, including, drinking horns. We also offer furs, hides and taxidermy from Illuna's Natural Creations, in addition to other, assorted and vintage items. 

BloodStooneDragon Jewelry -  Viking weave and hand-made necklaces.

Pretty Evil Treasure Trove -  Specializing in hand crafted leather work with a focus on every day SCA needs (mug/horn frogs, belts, bags, etc.), Armor Repair (strap work, rivets, etc.), Archery Equipment (finger tabs, arm guards, quivers, etc.) and games (traditional games, dice bags, dice, etc.) Customization available on site and commissions are always welcome!

Strongford Arts -  Bronze and fine silver Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, and Viking Jewelry, all forged and finished by hand, inspired by extant examples from hoard finds found in museums. or

Thor's Hammer -   Ironwork, fire irons, stakes, cooking forks, pressure hooks; breakdown chairs, kilts, archery supplies, rivets, cordage, knives. 

T.F. Woodcraft -   We specialize in hand made tools for fiber arts including: lucets, embroidery frames, naalbinding and tapestry needles and also hand turned bowls and benches.

Vedardottir's Viking Vestaments - Viking hoods, notebooks, leather pouches