Harpers Retreat - Plague Edition

The Results Are In!

Sheep Picture Quest Finally, like the sheep, the results have been released! Many entries had us laughing at the antics of the sheep and shepherds who watch over their flocks. Special mention goes to Flockin' Babydolls for posting an entry to every item. Take a look at the care given to the new sheep in the Barony!

First Place - Flockin' Babydolls, 29 Points

Second Place - Baaad Shepherd's, 21 Points

Third Place - Blue Squirrel, 14 Points

Harper's Hunt It took a bit of time and careful consideration by the judges to score each item presented. We were amazed by the amount of work, thoughtfulness and ingenuity of the teams. Congratulations to Goblin Energy!

We decided to change the parameters of the Populous Vote. Instead of adding the score to the judged total, we've taken all items that both teams sent an entry for and used them for the Populous Vote. We're proud to announce that Team Artemis has won the Populous Vote!

For those people who were recorded during the event, please fill out a Media Release Form and send a confirmation email to 120478@members.eastkingdom.org

Welcome to Harper's!

Greetings and Welcome to Harper's!

We have set the site up to function much like a normal webpage. You can click and view many of the activities as you would scroll through any website. To get to any of the areas and interact with others, click on the Enter Event tab. This will bring you to a Lobby where you can choose where to to go. We will post important notices and information here as well. If you're having problems, there is a Tech Support team available.

Click on the video to see a welcome from their Excellencies and an explanation of how to use the event site.


Labor Day Weekend (September 4-September 6, 2020)

The wars of summer have been canceled due to the GREAT PLAGUE and our warriors have bravely fought their yearning for triumph and glory whilst being restricted to their homestead. Our throwers have all run out of steak knives and sharpened pencils. The archer’s arrows overflow their quivers and have all been fitted with new fletchings (our birds all need tunics to protect them from the elements). The houses of our artisans are bursting with creations waiting for the accolades and praise of the populace. Our bards voices yearn to regale new audiences, as do their housemates. The Barony of Stonemarche invites one and all to join us around the fire and celebrate gathering with friends once again (virtually).

Harper’s Retreat is an idyllic event centering around the bardic arts. There will be other activities and classes for those wishing to pursue them, or just relax and enjoy the splendor of the site (your living room, back yard, kitchen, etc) and the company of good friends during a dip in the lake, pool, or bathtub (what ever you have available) or around the campfire at night.

There will be many updates to the site as we prepare for this virtual event. Please bear with us and keep coming back for updates as things will be changing quickly!

Greetings from Deirdre and Keziah, Baroness and Baron of Stonemarche!

Soon the Barony of Stonemarche will be hosting a virtual Harpers’ Retreat event. We hope that many of you will be able to attend. The event staff have taken pains to create a virtual event that doesn’t have to leave you sitting at your computer all day. Some of these activities start days before the official time but come to an end at the event - for instance, Baron Keziah is heading up an initiative to repopulate our diminished sheep herds that families will want to check out. Friday evening we will be having a quick welcome court and virtual fire circles. The big news for Friday is that i Sebastiani, the Greatest Commedia dell’Arte Troupe in the Entire World, will have a performance that promises to be fun.

Saturday there are classes and other things to enjoy and ending in a plague edition for a bardic competition. Sunday, before court, Baron Keziah will be leading the children of the Barony in a bardic circle. This will be just for the children and their families. Our Baronial court will include recognition for the activities over the weekend as well as a few award presentations.

Do you have no idea what all this Barony of Stonemarche stuff is and are curious? More information can be found at the website for this event, the SCA website, as well as the Barony of Stonemarche web page. Or, just come to the event from the comfort of your home.

We hope to see many of you there! We miss your smiling faces.

Stay safe!

Baroness Deirdre and Baron Keziah

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