Classes & Meetings

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We plan on holding classes both indoors and outdoors. Sanitizer/disinfectant will be available for use between classes. Please feel free to bring your own chair.

Children Appropriate:

Children's Storytime with Consort's Bard

Sat 3-3:30 A&S D THL Agnes Marie de Calais

Bring your small ones and those young at heart to share some books and tales. All children under age 12 will need an adult responsible to stay with them and masks will be worn.

Make your own Stonemarche Sheep

Sat 1-2 A&S B Lady Tessa Martini d'Agostino

Did you enjoy chasing after those crazy Stonemarche Sheep? Do you want to become a shepherd and tend your own flock? Well this is the place to start. We will be creating sheep following Baron Keziah's plans. An adult should attend with children under 12 since a glue gun is used to quickly put the sheep together. This class is geared toward children, but anyone is welcome.
$2 per sheep kit


Becoming Conical: 16th-Century Staymaking

Sun 9:30-11 A&S E Nobildonna Fiore Leonetta Bardi

Later 16th-century female-presenting fashions across much of Europe are an exercise in how to present a perfectly conical silhouette with a small waist to-bout (no matter your actual proportions). The rockstar of that illusion is a good set of stays. In this class we will examine the properties and materials that can be used to make your own stays. We will also make a mock garment to get a feel for the materials. Students should bring a thimble that fits, everything else will be provided.

$2 materials fee

Built Fjord Tough: Sewing Neat Necklines (and other edges)

Sun 3-4 A&S E kennari Tasha Medvedeva

Facings aren’t the only way to finish necklines on gowns and tunics. Likewise, there’s more than one way to hem a garment. This class illustrates several of these methods — see which one you like best (and is the best for your application!).

Cutting fabric on the bias: how and when to use it

Sat 10-11 A&S A THL Bartholomew Sharpe

Have you every wondered what bias cut fabric is? Wondered how and when to utilize it? Come by and get an idea of how bias cut fabric can be used in historical tailoring. Class will cover finding and cutting fabric on the bias. What type of garments it works well for. It's use as trim and decoration. No materials need to be brought to the class, and there are no fees.

Introduction to Heian Women's Clothing

Sat 2-3 A&S C THL Sugawara no Naeme

At the end of this class students will have a basic understanding of Japanese women's clothing of the Heian period (794-1183). This includes a brief history of the development of Heian Jidai as the first truly Japanese silhouette, terms for each garment worn, where to look to start creating Japanese costume, and how to compile the individual elements into a Heian Ensemble. Note: This class makes heavy use of Japanese terms.

Pilgrimage and Power: The Travelling Outfit of Heian Japan

Sun 1-2 A&S D THL Sugawara no Naeme

While the life of a Heian noblewoman was fairly sedentary, she would take frequent pilgrimages to temples near the capitol, Heian-kyo. We will discuss the reasons noble women of the Heian period (794-1186) undertook these pilgrimages and what they wore on those sacred journeys.

Why Bother With Bara

Sun 11-12 A&S C Nobildonna Fiore Leonetta Bardi

Bara are proportional patterning tapes codified in 16th-century Spain through a mandate that resulting in the publishing of patterning books by tailors such as Alcega and Freyle. These books give us a window into the proportional patterning which were likely at the heart of tailor craft throughout our period of play. Why should we care? Because understanding proportion is the key to not just making sure your clothing fits you well but that it also that the clothing more closely matches fit in that historical period. We will make a set of 4 proportional tapes and discuss how to read a proportional pattern.

$2 Materials Fee


Beginning Bookbinding - Long Stitch Limp Binding

Sat 1:30-3 A&S A THL Isabel del Okes

Learn how to put together a simple leather covered notebook using a variation on a period long-stitch. Using waxed linen thread, students will assemble paper signatures and bind them to a leather covers to create a useful item that easily blends in at SCA events. Students will leave with a finished book, written instructions, and templates so they can make more books on their own. Materials will be provided, as will tools for in-class use.

$10 for materials; class size limit: 8

Fiber Arts:

The Basics of Hand Applique

Sat 11-12 Friendship Fru Ástríðr Sægeirsdottir

In my class, we'll go over 3 types of hand applique; On-lay, In-Lay and Intarsia. This is a hands-on class and pieces of wool or craft felt will be supplied. Please bring your needles & snips, if you have them.

$3 Materials Fee

Braids in Bobbin Lace

Sun 10-11:30 A&S A THL Ciarnait ni'Bhroin

Bobbin lace in period relied heavily on braids to get from point to another. A 4 stranded braid is the most common, however, there are more options than a simple braid. We will explore a few of these options. Experience is not required. 10 kits will be available for students who do not have their own on a first come first served basis. The more students who have their own kits the more students we can have in class. We will use up to 5 pair (10 bobbins) in this class. This class includes a demo in large size for anyone who wishes to watch instead of do.

Handout and disposables fee: $2. Materials limit: 10 (Handout alone is $1)

Embroider with Beads

Sat 2:30-4 A&S B THL Liliana Michaella of Cinnamon Grove

The class will introduce several different embroidery stitches using beads. Kits with needed supplies will be provided, but students should bring a pair of small embroidery scissors. This is NOT a beginner level class. Everyone taking it must be comfortable using needle and thread, and should know it requires attention to fine detail.

$4 Materials Fee; class size limit: 6

Inkle Weaving 101 Patterns & Setup

Sun 10-11:30 A&S B Lady Katla of Viborg

Have you ever thought about trying weaving but weren’t sure where to start? Come learn about inkle weaving!

Inkle weaving is used to craft bands of trim or tapes which can be used for a variety of purposes. This class will focus on modern inkle loom anatomy, pattern creation, loom setup, and how to weave an inkle band. Those with an inkle loom will be able to warp a loom by the end of the class.

Materials to bring: Inkle loom and two balls of crochet cotton in different colors. I will bring extra crochet cotton but do not have extra inkle looms.

An Introduction to Andean Textiles

Sun 2-3 A&S C María Lopietza de Luna

The Andean textiles tradition predates ceramics in the New World and is arguably the most advanced textile tradition in the world. This class is a survey of different extant textiles including museum sourced images that attempts to showcase the vast array of techniques present in the region. My main interest is woven techniques, but images of a variety of loops and braided pieces are included.

Kumihimo Cord Making

Sun 10-10:30 A&S D Lady Aurelia Colleoni a'Buccafurno

Learn the basics on how to make this easy and versatile cord that can be used for many purposes. I will have disks and embroidery floss for you to use, but feel free to bring your own (2-8 colors). We will be making a basic 8-strand cord.

The Low-Down on Laid-Work: (Bayeux stitch, lessons learned)

Sun 1-2 A&S C Lady Caitríona inghean Ui Shíodhacháin

Bring designs you're considering doing in laid work to talk about design approach

Small cap pincushions

Sun 1-1:30 A&S B Lady Angelina Capasso

Make and Take a Small pincushion from a plastic bottle cap and other assorted materials. These are wonderful for largess, tokens, travel, or daily use.

If you have favored sewing needles, please being them to use. Children must be attended by an adult.

Tablet Weaving Variables and How To Cope

Sun 2-3 A&S B kennari Tasha Medvedeva

Tablet weaving can be confusing -- what do all those terms and marking on the patterns mean? Why is my pattern showing on the underside of the band? How do I plan my weaving? For the love of all that is holy, what does "S and Z" mean? Get answers to all these questions and hopefully a few more in this class, which is not a weaving technique class AT ALL, but intends to demystify the planning and warping process to make getting started a wee bit easier.

Wool Dyeing

Sat 1-3 Chimney Lady Elizabeth Brynn LeClair

Learn to dye fibers with different types of plant-based dyes! Participants are encouraged to bring their own wool to dye. Please also bring a large mason jar and oven mitts

Donations appreciated


How to make a good old fashioned fire

Sun 11-12 Chimney Lord Brian of Centre Downe

We will discuss how fire was used in period, including methods for starting fire (especially flint and steel), different types of fires and appropriate fuel sources/tending methods. Fire safety in the SCA context will also be addressed. If you have a fire starting kit bring it with you as my supplies are limited.

Food Arts:

Elderberry: Good for you then, Good for you now

Sun 3-4 Kitchen Lady Caitríona inghean Ui Shíodhacháin

Short history of the myriad uses of Elderberry in period and then learn as I show you how to make your own elderberry syrup. Samples will be sent home in sterilized glass bottles. Donations toward materials welcome but no fee for the class.

Donation suggested. Class size limit: 12

History & Culture:

Living with the Dead: An Introduction to Death in the Andes

Sun 10-11 A&S C María Lopietza de Luna

This class covers rites, rituals, and traditions surrounding death and dying for three civilizations in the Andes, the Chachapoya, the Chimu, and the Inca, as well as how these traditions caused conflict with the Spanish after the conquest.

Medicine Before the Plague (to 1347 CE)

Sun 10-11 A&S D Berengere d'Acre, OL

Medieval medicine before the Black Plague: a brief history of medical practice before 1347, including education, licensure, a physician's vade mecums, medicinal preparations, and the role of the monasteries. No handouts, but access to my pictures and notes.

Myths and Monsters of the Knowne World: An Introduction to Medieval Bestiaries

Sat 10-11 A&S B Juliana de Beumont

A short introduction to the history of the bestiary, as well as coverage of several creatures, both real and mythical (and occasionally both) found within.

Travel and Hospitality of The Regular Folks

Sat 3-3:30 A&S C Lady Else von Oberfranken

Just bring you and add what you may for information! Hospitality for travelers was quite different from ours. Outwardly, it seems dangerous to our ears, but, like we Scadians appreciate, there was a Code of Conduct. This is about the journeys of regular folks and the regular folks who accommodated them overnight en route.


Sparkly and Shiny Mini Edition!

Sat 9-12 A&S C East Kingdom Metal and Glass Collective

The Metal and Glass Collective will proudly present Sparkly and Shiny Mini Edition. In this Demo-Style class, we will have a few metal artisans that will be doing live Demos and Tutorials and a Video of a Lampwork Bead making tutorial specially made for this Event (since Cell signal on site is too spotty for a Live Feed).

Performing Arts:

Embracing Improvisation

Sat 10-10:30 A&S E THL Agnes Marie de Calais

As bards or as public speakers, most of us are familiar with forgetting the next word or being distracted. Come and we will talk about how to embrace improvisation as a way to smoothly continue on the performance path.

Teen and adult

How was Medieval Music Written?

Sat 2-3 A&S E Herrin Solveig Bjarnardottir

A brief history of the development of musical notation and medieval scales.

Round and Round We Go

Sat 3-4 A&S E Herrin Solveig Bjarnardottir

Come learn easy period rounds. You can access my full book of rounds here or come learn by ear. Due to covid and the price of printing the books, you can print your own ahead of time or come learn by ear.

The Story of Your Stories

Sat 11-12 A&S E THL Agnes Marie de Calais

All stories have an origin. Come hear how understanding the details of where and when your bardic tale was first told can strengthen your performance and turn it into time travel. We will also discuss how this same concept could also be applied to understanding the events and scenes around the museum pieces we look to when creating and recreating other art and science work. Everything has a story.

Teen and adult

SCA Life:

CAWS and what it is!

Sat 9:30-10 A&S D Baroness Kathryn Ramsey

This session is for the discussion of the SMS messaging system for cannon fire at Pennsic Wars, which began at War 46. In this session I would like to discuss what CAWS actually is and does. This is an on-going process, so please be patient with us as we figure this out and streamline it!

Get Loud

Sat 9-10 A&S E Baroness Anne de Basillon

Come learn easy period rounds. You can access my full book of rounds here or come learn by eBaroness Anne de Basillon ar. Due to covid and the price of printing the books, you can print your own ahead of time or come learn by ear.

Things I Wish I Knew When...: A Guide to Running Events in the SCA

Sun 11-12 A&S D Lady Aurelia Colleoni a'Buccafurno

Whether this is your first event or you are thinking of running an event for the first time, I will go through tips and tricks for getting more involved in the SCA, specifically with regards to events. We will talk about going to events, different ways of participating, and what it means to be an autocrat. We will also talk about the different types of events and how to prepare for them. Come with any questions you might have!

Scribal Arts:

Introduction to Russian C&I

Sat 1-2 A&S D Boyarin Ivan Matfeevich Rezansky

This class will review the history of calligraphy and illumination in Russia during the medieval period. We'll start with some history of the kingdoms of Rus', their international relations, and how writing was introduced via Christianization in the 10th century. We'll then review the two major Slavic alphabets (Glagolitic and Cyrillic), the three primary Cyrillic hands, and the evolution of illumination styles throughout period, looking at examples of each. We'll also touch on the types of ink and pigments used for C&I.

Mystical Arts:

Introduction to Palmistry

Sun 1-2:30 A&S E Hlafdige Arastorm the Golden

Reading palms is not hard- in one hour you will walk away with enough of the basic skills to read your own palm, and those of your friends (not that you shouldn’t keep studying!). The most useful aspect of palmistry is learning about yourself, and thus gaining control of your future- and it's fun too! They may wish note taking materials, perhaps a magnifying glass.

Introduction to Runes

Sun 11-12 A&S E Hlafdige Arastorm the Golden

Runes are a system of writing that is now best known as a tool for divination, but has been more from basic communication to magickal practice. This workshop will give an overview of what the runes have been, and can be and give you direction on how to proceed in your studies.


Arachne's Web Meeting Sun 1-3 A&S A

Lace makers and people interested in lace of all types invited. We will talk about the guild and what we have been working on. Show and tell is welcome, however, we will not be passing items around to look at.

Athena's Thimble Panel Sat 2-4 Friendship

The Keepers of Athena's Thimble is the EK Embroidery Guild. If you have an interest in embroidery, please attend! We will be paneling (evaluating) work for rankings and sharing show-and-tell. Anyone wishing to panel for Period Competency needs to make their request in advance and provide their documentation by Aug.27 (to ygraine at kellswood dot com ) Please see our website for more information:

EK Scribes Get Together Sun 2-3 A&S D

Welcome to all scribes! Come show off your work. Thinking of getting into scribal? Come get all your questions answered. I'll also have some materials to play around with. This will be a very informal gathering.

Forest of Stonemarche meeting Sat 11-12 A&S D

We will have a meeting of our local forest; all interested parties are welcome to attend.

Soothsayers Guild Meeting Sat 2-3 A&S D

We will be discussing ranking, if you have a specific skill you desire to be ranked in please bring your tools and be prepared to either have a discussion or to use them in practice.