A&S Display

The A&S Display is open for viewing from 10-4 in the Feast Hall.

Come display your A&S items. No documentation required. All levels welcome. Set-up from 9-10am. Pick up your items between 4:00pm & 4:30. Items will be unattended after 4:30 and will be moved as the hall is setup for Feast

Feel free to bring your A&S project and hang out in the Gathering Room when there is no other activity in the space. 

Baronial Bard, 

Warrior Bard & Youth Bard

 Saturday, 8pm - Barn

It's the end of an error! My days as Baronial Bard are numbered, their Excellencies have decreed we need a NEW Baronial Bard! So at Harper's Retreat we will have a competition to find one.

So hit me with your best shot! (don't throw it away) Bring us what you think is your BEST piece that is 4 minutes or less. Show us a bit of your tastes, style, and strengths. Also have a second piece (also 4 minutes or less) ready in case we need to have a runoff (but we the judges really hope we don't), if you don't end up needing it for the competition you can perform it at the open Bardic after the competition.

You can earn additional points by providing documentation showing that your piece is Period -OR- that your piece was written/performed in a period style. (Hey. The “C” stands for “CREATIVE”) For this competition 1650 is the cut off for “Period” (I have a “Known world Handbook” that says it is).

We will also be looking for a new Warrior Bard and Youth Bard. Again bring what you think is your best piece that is 4 minutes or less.

The requirement to be Warrior Bard is that you engage in one of the Martial activities, Thrown weapons, Archery, and Siege weapons, Fencing and even Heavy list all count.

The requirement to be Youth Bard is that you are under 18.

Now this part isn't a requirement but they are my thoughts on what you need to be a Baronial Bard. You should be involved with Stonemarche (or if you are new intend to be). As Baronial Bard it isn't just your job to entertain, our job also involves encouraging Bardic in the Barony, celebrating the accomplishments of our people, consoling them in their bad times, and keeping their history/stories alive. This is all much easier if you are involved with the people and know what is going on in the Barony/in their lives. Also a heads up you may be called upon to go to Vinland raids if they do the whole “Contest of Champions” thing again. (Not required, I mean I couldn't do it, but just thought I would give you advanced warning)

Sadly because of the nature of contests in the end “there can be only one” but know that in my eyes all of you who get up and perform is a Bard of Stonemarche no matter who wins.

Ruadh Cruidh MacFrode

Come forth, and entertain us!

Clarification on Warrior Bard: if a non-martial/weapons-practitioner wishes to enter Warrior Bard they may do so, but their entry MUST be martial in theme to be considered. Martial artists of whatever form may perform any SCA appropriate piece.

For those wondering about Stonemarche Idol: all entrants are automatically entered in the Stonemarche Idol competition (people's choice award), regardless of Championship score status.

To ensure that all our contestants are heard, please limit your entries to 8 minutes total (for both pieces combined) - this includes any remarks you would like to say concerning your piece. Please be sure to time your pieces in advance; you will be asked to provide your approximate timings on the competition forms, to be found at the event.

Please note, there is a 4 minute time limit on a single piece and 8 minutes for two pieces.

Bardic competitions are open to ALL ages though we will have the younger (below 18) participants go first as this can sometimes take a while and bedtimes can come earlier.

Baronial Bard - Ruadh Cruidh MacFrode

Cheesy Bardic - Friday, 8-10pm - Barn

Cat got your tongue and you don't know what to perform? Disney stuck in your head? Bohemian Rhapsody would feel like it fit many of your experiences? Well, have I got a bardic for you! Join us in the Fort for a night of Cheesy Bardic on Friday. What does this entail you may ask? Bring your own Cheese to share and your cheesy filks (Think Weird Al Yankovic). The only limitation on cheese is that you don't bring American slices, plain old cheddar, Velveeta or squeezy cheese. Share your cheese, filks and yourselves! (Bring it sealed and we will manage slicing it up for safety) 

Midnight Swim Bardic Circle - Saturday, after Bardic Champions - Barn

After the bardic competition on Saturday night, a special "Midnight Swim" Bardic Circle will be available for those who wish to participate. This is fun bardic time, no actual swimming will be happening. This is an adult themed bardic and children should be in bed anyway :)  

Youth Activities

Sing-a-long with Baron Keziah - Friday, 7-8pm - Youth Point

The sing-a-long is back this year with Smore's at the fire and Baron Keziah leading the group. Children under the age of 12 need to be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Scribal Coloring Pages - Available whenever Youth Point is open.

Youth Fighting - Saturday, 1-3pm List Field

Go to the Marital Activities page for more information.

Bedtime Stories with Baron Keziah - Saturday, 7-8pm Barn

 Join Baron Keziah as she once again brings the children together for some fun and entertainment. Come and "sit by her knee" as she tells some stories after the Youth Bard Competition. Children under the age of 12 need to be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Youth Classes - Will be held at Youth Point, unless another area is indicated

Harper's Retreat 2023 Youth Class List

Sheep Capture 

Stonemarche Shepherds Guild needs you!

Oh, No. With all the work we did last year to help repopulate the Stonemarche sheep, they have escaped their pen and are exploring our new site! We need the children of the Kingdom to help capture them and bring them back to their pasture. You can find the Shepherd's Guild on the front porch of the Common Room at the Towne Common. 

Saturday 10am-2pm at Youth Point