i Sebastiani, the Greatest Commedia dell’arte Troupe in the Entire World - we're waiting on baited breath to see what wonders they will bring! This performance will be broadcast live via the East Kingdom YouTube channel.

Campfires - Come hang out with us around the virtual campfire at night.

Instrument Petting Quarantined Zoo - Have you ever seen an instrument mentioned and wondered what it looked or sounded like? Well we have asked several musicians to bring and display to our event. These instruments have been quarantined for safety, so no petting! UPDATE - The instruments did not make it to the event. Maybe next year we can see the instruments again.

Virtual Feast - We will be having a virtual feast this year. Set your table and join us as we share a meal together. Make a scrumptious feast, pot of spaghetti, pizza, fast food (just hide the bags 8^P ) , but come join us and share the new of the day. Click here at 6pm on Saturday

Kids Sing along with the Baron Keziah - Join Baron Keziah as she once again brings the children together for fun and song. Click here at 11 am on Sunday

Their Excellencies have grave concerns about the sheep population in the Barony. As many of you know, our sheep have been missing for many months. As such, starting on Sunday August 30th, Their Excellencies will be looking to have sheep re-populate our lands. As part of the re-population efforts, Their Excellencies are asking that the new sheep be educated in the ways of Stonemarche. A list will be provided with activities to do with your sheep to help acclimate them to their new home. To prove your good stewardship to their Excellencies, photos need to be taken of any activity and sent in. The Shepherd who proves the most excellent stewardship will receive a special boon from Their Excellencies. New sheep will be released on August 24th along with expectations and rules for Shepherds. This is open to all ages, however Shepherds under the age of 13 must have a parent or guardian participate with them, and we ask that no photos of youngsters be included to protect their privacy.

Did you hear about the SCA Magnificently Awesome Scavenger Hunt (SMASH) that took place in the beginning of July? It was an epic 3 day virtual event with more than 275 people participating from all over the Known World. We have received the blessing of the creators to use their ideas to create a similar SMASH experience. Ours will be more limited in scope since it will be played in conjunction with Harper’s. The Hunt will consist of teams up to 6 people (since this is online, team members do not need to be in the same location) and points will be awarded for each item completed. The Hunt will open on Wednesday September 2nd and close at Noon on Saturday September 5th.

Bardic Competition - On Saturday night, we’ll have a bardic competition for the Plague Bard chosen by a panel of judges, and the Stonemarche Idol which will be chosen by the populous. Since this is Harper's Retreat - Plague Edition, our theme this year will be plague, quarantine and isolation. Pieces must be performed live via Google Meet and a media release must be signed to participate. Click here for more information on the competition.

After the bardic competition, a special Midnight Swim Bardic Circle will be available for those who wish to participate. This is an adult themed bardic and children should be in bed anyway :)

We're sorry, this activity has been canceled. Thank you to those who were interested.