Merchants are welcome at no extra charge. Merchants will be live this year, and should contact the autocrat to reserve a space on site and this page.

Bloodstone Dragon Jewelry

Bloodstone Dragon Jewelry sells jewelry some dancing fans, dancing scarves, crochet work and some art.

Cloak & Dagger Creations

Cloak & Dagger Creations provides custom and ready to wear cloaks, outerwear, and 12th linen century garb. We also have a large selection of circlets, handmade and mass produced cloak clasps, and over 100 varieties of trim.


Ghita's Fabric & Stuff

As a 4th generation fabriholic, I always have more fabric than I will ever use, so it's time to find new homes for some of them. There are also a few lovely patterns, and a man's tunic and pants. Please contact me at if you have any questions!

Fabric Special for Harper's Retreat:

Buy 6 or more yards of fabric, save 5% off the fabric total.

Buy 10 or more yards of fabric, save 10% off the fabric total!

Gallery of Fabric (Google Drive link):

Old World Ironworks

& Fine-Lee Crafted

We are Old World Ironworks and we specialize in historic reproductions of cutlery, swords, daggers, utensils etc. I will also have work by my wife who is Fine-Lee Crafted and she specializes in Indian, Eastern European and most recently, Byzantine beadwork and embroidery. Old World Ironworks

& Fine-Lee Crafted


Strongford Arts

Hand forged Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, and Viking Jewelry and accoutrements, all based and inspired by extant pieces in Museums"


W.S. Creatrix

Hand made fine art, from woodworking treasures, to wire wrapped fantasy jewelry. Orders Welcome.