Merchants are welcome at no extra charge.  Merchants will be live this year, and should click the link below to fill out the form to reserve a space on site and this page.

Bloodstone Dragon Jewelry

Handmade jewelry Viking weave, wire wrapping stones and artwork.



Glass Jewels w/ sew-on settings, Silver jewelry, Gold Bullion Embroidery thread, stockings 


Cloak & Dagger Creations

Cloak & Dagger Creations provides custom and ready to wear cloaks, outerwear, and embroidered linen garb. We also have a large selection of circlets, handmade and mass produced cloak clasps, embroidery, circlets and garment trim. Fabric if requested and there is space.               


Heart of Oak Crafts

Period reproduction glass beads and iron work


Old World Ironworks 

& Fine-Lee Crafted

We are Old World Ironworks and we specialize in historic reproductions of cutlery, swords, daggers, utensils etc. I will also have work by my wife who is Fine-Lee Crafted and she specializes in Indian, Eastern European and most recently, Byzantine beadwork and embroidery. Old World Ironworks & Fine-Lee Crafted


Steel Wool

Etched jewelry, some leather goods, knives, shirts...


Strongford Arts

Handcrafted jewelry and accoutrements inspired by historic examples, from Bronze Age to the Early Renaissance.


Von Hagen Hides 

Leather and leather goods