The Site Book is set up to be printed in a booklet form. Set for double sided printing, flip on the short edge.

This is the easy to print site book for those of us who are printer challenged or prefer a page vs. a booklet form.

This is the center insert from the site book which is missing from the easy to print version

The class schedule, descriptions and map all in one place.

All the Youth Activities and Classes

Rules for the Sheep Capture youth activity.

The Full Site Map that shows the cabins, tenting area, main house and buildings and the archery and thrown weapons.

The Abbreviated map that shows just the center portion of the map which includes the main buildings and adjacent areas of the site

A map showing the location of the cabins in the woods, tenting area and gazebo.

Similar to the Map from the Site Book, but locates the other cabins

For those staying in the house and wing, or those looking for their friends who are staying there.