Martial Activities

Thrown Weapons

King and Queen's Thrown Weapons Champions

The Tournament will be held on Saturday afternoon.

Throwers should expect to throw axes, knives, and spears in this challenge. If you have four of a weapon type, please bring all four. Throwers can make up to three qualifying attempts any time the range is open, no later than an hour before the tournament begins. The range will be open on Friday night and Saturday morning for those who wish to use it.

The Pre-qualifying format is as follows - if you stick, you score. Throw axes, knives, and spears according to the arrangement of a royal round. This means 4 throws of each weapon type at both short and long distance, with the usual rules about score and retrieve and calibrations when changing weapon or distance. Targets will have an arrangement of boxes. Score based on the box you stick in. Sum your total score. Use the rings and pegs on top of the target to tally your throws as you go, abacus style, or use a standard royal round score sheet.

Questions can be directed to the Consort's Thrown Weapon Champion - Lord Symon of Barnesdale at

Range times:

Friday - 5pm - until dusk open range, pre-qualifying for Champions. Instruction will be available for new throwers.

Saturday - 9am - Noon open range, pre-qualifying for Champions

1pm - 4pm King and Queens Thrown Weapons Championship

Sunday - 10am - 1pm Open range. Instruction will be available for new throwers.

Heavy List

The Earl Horic Memorial King and Queen's Champions of Arms

The Tournament will be held on Sunday,

10:00 AM - Registration and inspections begin

12:00 PM - Registration and inspections end, challenge in and tournament begins.

4:00 PM - Tournament Ends

5:00 PM - Court (If applicable, give people an hour to armor down, change, eat, etc.)

Questions can be directed to the Consort's Champion of Arms - Baron Brick James Beech at or text message 862-207-0521

The tournament will be a double elimination and start with a reverse order of precedence challenge in. The pool of fighters will be lined up in order of precedence and divided in half. From lowest to highest precedence, gentles will choose an opponent to challenge from the higher precedence half of the pool for the first round.

Semi-finals will be best 2 out of 3, losses forgiven, bring your best.

Finals is best 3 out of 5, losses forgiven, with the following weapons forms in this order:

  1. Sword & Shield

  2. Two Sword (Not two weapon)

  3. Great Sword

  4. Polearm

  5. Bring your best

Bring your own weapons.

For those eliminated from the tournament, there will be a Queen's list available for additional fighting.


9:30-10am Armor Inspection

10-noon PAL Melee Training- Class, PAL Melee training goes on the road to once again do some work at Harpers. We will do an abbreviated training and review of, a few Melee concepts. Armor is required to participate in the hands on training. Please be in armor and inspected before class starts. (Saturday 10-noon)

12:30-1pm Armor Inspection, tournament registration

1-3pm 5v5 Melee Tourney - Put what was practiced earlier into use! Join a 5v5 round Robin double elimination tournament. Teams are limited to 1 Chiv and 2-3 OTC per team. We are working on a 1st and 2nd place prize. Inspections for anyone not inspected before the class will begin 30 minutes before the tournament.


Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Fencing for Harper’s Retreat 2021 - Plague Edition: Take 2...

Here is the line up for fencing events. A more exact schedule is coming soon:

Friday - 5pm til dusk: Authorizations & Pick ups!

Saturday -

10-11am Armor Inspection, Authorizations, Pick ups

11-noon Class –New Rules & Intro to spears (armor required to participate) by Lord Leo MacCullan

12:30-2:30pm Northern Region Fencing Championship Tourney

2:30-4pm Field Melee training - 2v1 / 3v2 / 5v5 / rolling rez

Sunday -

10-11am Armor Inspection, Authorizations, Pick ups

11-noon Class – Intro to Cut & Thrust fencing by Lord Leo MacCullan

1-2pm Woods scenario – Capture the flag / hold the point

2-4pm Pick ups til 4p

Return of the Northern Region Fencing Championship! If you are an EK Authorized Fencing Fighter please feel free to try your hand to become our new Northern Region Fencing Champion! Prize of Baldric, tittle to put on your wiki and a feather in your cap to show you are a proud member of a distinct lineage

We are also in need of Rapier Marshals to help run the event! Want to run a fencing class…? Please Message me thru face book, or email me at:


Lord Leo - event MICF


We're planning some fun and low key shoots. As usual Royal Rounds are available. Tentative Schedule:

Saturday - 9am - 12pm open range

1pm - 4pm open range

Sunday - 9am - 1pm open range