Martial Activities


Teaching and limited loaner gear will be available on Saturday after the tournament has finished and on Sunday for those who wish to learn. Children who wish to learn must be old enough to follow basic instructions and have a parent present. 

Royal Rounds may be available except during the tournament.

Range times:

Friday -         TBD - BYOM (Bring Your Own Marshal) Some targets may be available for practice

Saturday - 9am-5pm

Sunday - 10-11:30 -  Royal Rounds

Saturday - Baronial Champions:

9-10amRange will open for warmups and equipment inspection. 

Stonemarche is being invaded by dragons! Help defend the Barony from these dastardly creatures through 5 rounds of advancing difficulty. There will be a variety of targets as the tournament advances along the shore of the pond. The first 3 rounds will encompass the preliminary with the last 2 rounds as the finals. 

10-noon -  Preliminary: 

1-3pm - Finals

Baron’s Champion of Archery - Rosemary of Vernau

Baronessa’s Champion of Archery - 



3-4pm  - Fencing 101:   with Nuala MacKensie - List Field

Interested in fencing?  Never had a chance?  This is it!  Come play with swords and see if you enjoy fencing.  Also learn the safety rules and requirements.  

Return of the Northern Region Fencing Championship!

9:30-10am - Armor inspection 

10-Noon - Tournament

Good gentles, a challenge will be held to determine the next Northern Region Rapier Champion of the East! Format will be Round Robin with rotating weapon forms - each pass, every fencer must choose a weapon form different from the last two they have selected, with the exception of single sword which may be used any number of times. The number of passes per pairing is to be determined by the marshal in charge, informed by tournament attendance. The two highest scoring fencers at the end of the round robin will reset their form selections and engage in five passes, rotating weapon forms under the same rules between each. The champion will be the fencer with the most points within those five passes, provided their comportment rules them fit for the title. It bears repeating that courtesy and comportment are first and foremost the markings of a champion, and should remain a priority second only to safety while taking the field. 

Rules: Fencers will be allotted one point per victory, and zero points per defeat. Double kills will be refought once, if there is a second double kill neither party will score for the pass. If a bout ends in a draw, each combatant will be awarded half a point. There will be no death from behind. Knee walking is legal. Rubber band guns are for use as rigid parry only, and must be unloaded. Spears are only permitted with the enthusiastic consent of both combatants. Cut & Thrust combat is permitted only with the enthusiastic consent of two properly-armored combatants. Attending excellencies of the Northern Region and any who they bestow the privilege upon have fiat power to select any combatant's (authorized) weapon form as they see fit.

If you are an EK Authorized Fencing Fighter please feel free to try your hand to become our new Northern Region Fencing Champion! Prize of Baldric, tittle to put on your wiki and a feather in your cap to show you are a proud member of a distinct lineage


Baronial Champions:  

9:30-10am - Armor inspection 

10-11:30am - Fight or Flyt!

The Baronial Champions tourney for rapier is upon us, and this year we require not only skill with a sword but also skill with your rapier wit! This championship will feature two passes with a rapier and one with words (which consists of two rounds: one insult, one compliment), the outcome of which will be determined by who wins this Epic Rap Battle. 

The parameters for the flyting are STRICT. Insults and compliments must be funny in a harmless way. (Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries!) No commentary about people's bodies, beliefs, or other such things. Over the top silliness and faux-flirting is allowed. The goal of this is to make each other and our audience laugh. Quoting of fencing movies is encouraged, as is quoting of fencing insults from The Curse of Monkey Island. 

Anybody who causes discomfort or emotional harm with any of their jokes will be immediately disqualified. This is intended to be wholesome fun, not cruelty. Please engage with this in the spirit intended. 

Those who win their fights will move to the next round, and the process will repeat until a winner is determined. It should be quite straightforward, lighthearted, and intended to be (above all else) fun!

Baron’s Champion of Fence - MOD Lucien de Wyntere

Baronessa’s Champion of Fence - Lord Julien MacBaine 

Heavy List



9:30-10am Armor Inspection 

10-noon Sat 10 till done a Warlord type tournament 1v1, loser joins team with winner, 2v2 losers join with winners, until an overall winner is determined. Tournament may run several time and coaching with general tactics will be available for those that want it.

Noon-1pm Talk Tactics with Tiernan - have lunch with me at the field, talk any melee subject. 

1pm-1:30 Armor Inspection, tournament registration 

1:30-3pm 5v5 Melee Tourney - Put what was practiced earlier into use! Join a 5v5 round Robin double elimination tournament. Teams are limited to 1 Chiv and 2-3 OTC per team.  We are working on a 1st place prize. Inspections for anyone not inspected before the class will begin 30 minutes before the tournament.

Sunday - Baronial Champions:

9:30-10am   Armor Inspection 

10-11:30am Weapons Grab Bag Tournament

This will be a modified 1 hour bear pit style tournament where each fighter picks from a grab bag for the weapons style that they will fight. The fighter will retain that style until they are killed and leave the pit. They will then choose a new style from the grab bag. There may be some strange weapons in there or styles that the fighter is not accustomed to. If the fighter is not authorized in a particular style but feels that they can safely use it, a marshal can conditionally authorize them for the Champions Tournament only. If the fighter feels that they would not be safe, they may choose from the grab bag again. Please note, if the fighter is qualified in 'sword and shield' and they pull 'dagger and buckler', they are qualified to fight with those weapons. If the fighter pulls 'long axe" and they are not qualified in 'polearm' it will be up to the fighter to decide if they wish to be conditionally qualified for the day or chose another weapon from the grab bag. This is meant to be a fun and somewhat silly tournament. Please feel free to bring odd and unusual weapons to add to the fun. They must pass inspection by the Marshal. Experimental weapons will be allowed if approved by the marshal in charge and the Baron's Champion.

The top two fighters will face off for who will be Baron's Champion and who will be Baroness' Champion.

Baron’s Champion of Arms - Misha of Endewearde 

Baronessa’s Champion of Arms - Artemis of la Familia Gladiatoria 

Thrown Weapons

We will have some loaner weapons.  Instruction will depend on available marshals and range space.  Throwers under 12 must have a parent or guardian with them at the range.  Youth 12-17 can have a parent or legally responsible adult come to the range with them, review the rules and sign paperwork to allow the youth to throw without adult supervision.

Range times:

Saturday - 9:30 - 4:00 Royal rounds will be available as long as numbers in the range allow it.

Saturday - Baronial Champions:

10 - 10:30am - Inspection and registration

10:30 - Noon -  Tourney will require spear, knife and axe to save our peril-prone Stonemarche Flock from, well, more peril. The Tournament Qualification will begin at 10:30.

Baron’s Champion of Thrown Weapons - Arabella, from Carolingia 

Youth Fighting


1 - 3pm - List Field

If there are enough fighters, there will be a tournament, otherwise there will be general pick ups and some training.

Some loaner gear may be available. Please ask the marshal for help.