Martial Activities


Teaching and limited loaner gear will be available on Saturday after the tournament has finished and on Sunday for those who wish to learn. Children who wish to learn must be old enough to follow basic instructions and have a parent present.

Royal Rounds will also be available except during the tournament.

Friday - BYOM (Bring Your Own Marshal) Some targets will be available for practice

Saturday - 9am - 10am and 3:30pm (or when the tournament has ended) - 6:30pm

Sunday - 10am - 2pm

Saturday - Baronial Champions:

9-10am - Range will open for warmups and equipment inspection.

10-noon - Preliminary: There will be 3 shoots. The first is the "Plague Rats" as previewed at Palio but for points, not tails. Second will be a timed arrow slot shoot, and finally a fun target shoot.

1-3pm - Finals: There will be a head to head competition for final on a unique set of targets (These will be kept under wraps until then, you'll need to be there to see what we've dreamed up!)

Baronessa’s Champion of Archery - Camran MacAuly

Baron’s Champion of Archery - Ragnar MacHardy



8:30-9:30am Intro to Cut & Thrust Fencing: on the Parade Ground

Come join Lord Leo MacCullan in an introduction to how Cut & Thrust fencing is done in the SCA. How it differs from other types and styles of fighting in and out of the SCA. What the rules and requirements are, and how we can utilize this style of combat to help grow our populace. If you have an SCA fencing kit please bring it with you. Some loaner gear will be available.

Baronial Champions: at Fort Preble

9:30-10am - Armor inspection

10-11:30am - This year, Stonemarche's Fencing Championship will challenge fencers to accumulate the least number of points! Fencers will duel each other three times each with rotating, unmatched weapon forms, gaining one point for each bout in which they won but lost a limb and two points for each bout they were defeated. The two fencers with the lowest scores at the end of the tournament will fight each other in five rounds with rotating, matched weapon forms to determine the winner. All bouts are subject to the whims of their excellencies, and the tournament system (round robin vs. elimination) will be decided on site, subject to the number of attendees and weather conditions. Best of luck to all participants!

Baron’s Champion of Fence - Trian O’Bruadair

Baronessa’s Champion of Fence - Nuala MacKensie

Fencing at the Fort

2-4pm Fun and games by Lord Trian - A set of fun, low-pressure melee scenarios and pickup bout opportunities set in a sizeable fort - expect capture the flag, castle seige, and more!

Sunday: on the Parade Ground

10-11am Maximizing Fencing Fundamentals: Join me, Trian, to go over core concepts and cool tricks that can use geometry and psychology to bring your fencing fundamentals to the next level! These are the tip and tricks that have allowed me to become a successful fencer and they are largely agnostic to your style or skill level, I hope you can join and learn something clever to improve your game!

Return of the Northern Region Fencing Championship!

Noon - 12:30pm - Armor Inspection and registration

12:30-2pm - Tournament - Round-robin pools followed by direct elimination. Bring your best form. Finals will be fenced best-out-of-three. Please contact Gerhardt von Hohensee

If you are an EK Authorized Fencing Fighter please feel free to try your hand to become our new Northern Region Fencing Champion! Prize of Baldric, tittle to put on your wiki and a feather in your cap to show you are a proud member of a distinct lineage

Heavy List

Saturday: on the Parade Ground

9:30-10am Armor Inspection

10-noon PAL Melee Training- Class, PAL Melee training goes on the road to once again do some work at Harpers. We will do an abbreviated training and review of, a few Melee concepts. Armor is required to participate in the hands on training. Please be in armor and inspected before class starts. (Saturday 10-noon)

12:30-1pm Armor Inspection, tournament registration

1-3pm 5v5 Melee Tourney - Put what was practiced earlier into use! Join a 5v5 round Robin double elimination tournament. Teams are limited to 1 Chiv and 2-3 OTC per team. We are working on a 1st and 2nd place prize. Inspections for anyone not inspected before the class will begin 30 minutes before the tournament.

Sunday - Baronial Champions:

9:30-10am Armor Inspection

10-11:30am Tournament - This will be a Birka style bear pit. Any members of chivalry who wish to test the metal of the combatants must fight sword and either buckler or madu.

Baron’s Champion of Arms - Volmar Sollons

Baronessa’s Champion of Arms - Damian MacWard

Thrown Weapons

We will have some loaner weapons. Instruction will depend on available marshals and range space. Throwers under 12 must have a parent or guardian with them at the range. Youth 12-17 can have a parent or legally responsible adult come to the range with them, review the rules and sign paperwork to allow the youth to throw without adult supervision.

Range times:

Friday - Check at Gate

Saturday - 9am–4pm Range open – Royal Rounds available at Marshal's discretion.

Sunday - 9–10am Plumbata Class. Come learn about the weapon the Romans called the “Darts of Mars”

10am–Noon Range Open

Sunday - Baronial Champions:

Noon - 12:30pm - Inspection and registration

12:30-2pm - The Tournament Qualification will begin at 12:30, and will involve Axe, Knife and Spear at short range. Top 4 qualifiers will advance to finals, which will involve head-to-head matches.

Baron’s Champion of Thrown Weapons - Arpidfin Vidor

Youth Fighting

Saturday: on the Parade Ground

1pm Youth Combat List opens for inspection and open practice

1:45pm Tournament registration

2-3pm Harper's Youth Combat Stomp'em Tournament

Some loaner gear may be available. Please ask the marshal for help.