Feast Menu

(some ingredients or items subject to change due to availability)


Their Excellencies of Stonemarche will be hosting a Feast on Saturday night in the feast hall. Join us as we gather together to enjoy a meal and toast the days events. There will be a limited number of seats, so Pre-Reg is strongly suggested. A table signup sheet will be posted around noon on Saturday. 

Feast is now full. Waitlist only.


Course 1 

*Fish Stew* - With cod, roasted onions and cream, Gourds with crispy pork on the side (a vegetarian option will be available)

Assorted Breads 

Course 2 

Pork Balls with Apple Crown - Fried pork meatballs served with baked apples 

Limonia (Lemon Roasted Chicken) - Chicken roasted in fat with lemon and almond milk 

Mushroom with Leek Gravy - Assorted Mushrooms tossed in a roasted leek gravy 

Parmesan Lentil Puree - Lentils slow roasted lentils with herbs finished with cheese 

Roasted Vegetables - Roasted assorted fall vegetables 

Course 3 

Fruit Tart - Apple and Pear poached then baked in a pastry shell with cream 

Elderflower Cheesecake - Ricotta and farmers cheese infused with elderflowers 

Menu items are either naturally gluten free, or gluten free versions will be available.

For question regarding the menu, please contact:

Lady Octavia Valeria    vanessa.graviss@gmail.com