Day Board and Feast Menu

(some ingredients or items subject to change due to availability)

Day Board

This year we are planning a bountiful day board for both Saturday and Sunday. Due to time constraints and not wanting to have too many people crowded in the kitchen the menu is simple yet flavorful. We ask that you Pre-Reg for Day Board as we are limiting the number of people served.

The menu below contains links to specific recipes to be used for those items we will be cooking. Items subject to change due to availability.

** Day board participants will not be allowed to reach in with their hands to take items. A server will be there to serve the food and limit possible contamination**

  • Oranges

  • Hard Boiled Eggs

  • Pickles

  • Raisins

  • Carrot sticks


Their Excellencies of Stonemarche will be hosting a Feast on Saturday night in the feast hall. Join us as we gather together to enjoy a meal and toast the days events. There will be a limited number of seats, so Pre-Reg is strongly suggested. A table signup sheet will be posted around noon on Saturday.

Starter Course

First Course

Allergen Notices:

  • Any dish that uses bread or almonds as a thickener, the bread will be substituted with corn starch or arrowroot (pending availability) to keep the recipes gluten and Allergen free.

  • Garlic in the Comarye will be replaced with Shallots.