Cabins in the Woods

These cabins are up in the tree line next to the tenting area. 

There are composting toilets and outdoor showers which are shares with the tenting area.

If you move the beds around, please double check the legs to make sure they are still locked.

Feel free to bring coverings for the windows, or to set up a changing area.

Only Nest has electricity and a sink. All others will need a light source.

Bear Cabins:

Sleeps 8  (2 available)

Falcon Cabins:

Sleeps 6  (2 available) - There is also enough room to bring a few extra cots. These have screens for windows. 2 sides have plywood "shutters" that can be used to keep the cold out. Feel free to bring coverings for the other windows. 


2 single beds (1 available) - There is lots of room to bring your own cots and set up in the main room or addition. This was originally used as a small eating area by the campers using Bear and Falcon cabins.

Bear Singles:

1 twin bed (2 available) - These are small private cabins used by the councilors. Two can be nice and cozy in these little cabins.