Volunteer to Help

General Event Help

Come help us make this years Harper's a success! This is a bran new site so we'll need a little more help than usual. There are many opportunities to help out during the weekend and several of them are appropriate for responsible teens. Anyone who helps with setup on Friday will be able to get onto site early. If you have specific questions, please contact Solveig at 221812@members.eastkingdom.org

Help at Gate

Gate will open Friday September 15th at 4pm and close at 12pm on Sunday September 17th. Gate shifts are in 2 hour increments. No previous experience necessary and training will be provided!

We ask that Gate Staff be age 14 and up due to the complexities of sign in, and in order to handle payments you must be an adult (18+) paid member.

Please use the link to sign up. Thank you for helping us out!If you have any questions, please contact Lady Cezilia at exchequer@stonemarche.eastkingdom.org

Retain for Their Excellencies

This is a great opportunity to learn and hang out with Baron Keziah and Baroness Deirdre. Most of their event will be centered around choosing their Champions. So this is a more relaxed atmosphere but they still need people to help get them from place to place and make sure they have everything they need, including food, water, a seat and/or shade. If there is a particular Championship you would like to watch, consider doing it while retaining. Both the Baron and Baroness welcome new people to retain for them and will happily answer questions when they can. If you have any questions about retaining, please feel free to contact Tessa at 130729@members.eastkingdom.org