Fees & Refund Policy

General Info


    • Prepaid reservations with copies of membership cards and waivers (if possible) will speed your check-in.

    • Our online line registration form is available. A PayPal invoice will be sent within 24-48 hours. If you do not see a PayPal invoice within 48 hours, please check your spam folder first. If you still do not see a PayPal invoice, please send an email to exchequer@stonemarche.eastkingdom.org

    • If you mail in a pre-registration, we will be happy to send a confirmation by e-mail upon request, if your email address is provided. The post mark date on the envelope is used as the date of the pre-registration for cabin availability, not the day the mail is delivered to the pre-registration clerk. If you are mailing in your pre-registration and would like to reserve a cabin, please send an email to exchequer@stonemarche.eastkingdom.org letting them know that a pre-reg with a cabin reservation is in the mail.

    • Reservations are not guaranteed unless they are paid (except gentles from non-US groups who may pay their reservation at gate.)

    • Minors attending with an adult other than their parent or legal guardian are REQUIRED to have both a medical consent form and a minor's release form signed by their parent(s)/legal guardian(s), no exceptions. These forms can be found:




Event Registration:

Please note: Pre-Reg is now closed.

Weekend Pre-Registration

Adult - $35, Member Discount - $30

Youth (13-17) - $15

Child (0-12) - Free

Day Trip Pre-Registration

Adult - $23, Member Discount - $18

Youth (13-17) - $8

Child (0-12) - Free

Weekend at Gate

Adult - $40, Member Discount - $35

Youth (13-17) - $20

Child (0-12) - Free

Day Trip at Gate

Adult - $25, Member Discount - $20

Youth (13-17) - $10

Child (0-12) - Free

For individuals bringing minors other than their own children, please remember to bring the appropriate medical waiver signed by their legal guardian.

**Pre-Registration Deadline Wednesday September 7th**

Feast and Day Board:

  • Pre-registration Only - Seats will not be available at Gate.

  • There will be a multi-course feast on Saturday night.

  • All meals will have vegetarian and gluten free options available. We will do our best to provide alternate dishes if possible but make no guarantees.

  • If you have food allergies, please contact the cooks to discuss prior to pre-registering. The cooks have the final say on if they can accommodate specific allergies.

  • Reservations must be received by Wednesday September 7th.

  • Menu- coming soon.

Feast: Day Board: Age 6 and over, age 5 and under are free

Adult fee (Over age 13): $15.00 Saturday: $5.00

Youth (age 5-12): $10.00 Sunday: $5.00

Children (under 5): free (with adult) Saturday & Sunday: $10.00

Cabin Registration:

If you pre-register with PayPal, you will not be charged for a cabin until you receive word that you are receiving a cabin. If you mail in your pre-registration, do not include the cost of the cabin in the check. We will contact you and you will need to pay for the cabin at Gate.

    • We highly recommend sending your cabin registration in along with your event and feast/day board registration as cabins are first come, first served.

    • Groups/families should choose one person to reserve the cabin. Please note that we strongly suggest keeping to family “pods” . It is up to the individual reserving the cabin to determine who will be using the cabin. The event staff will not be combining people into cabins.

    • Cabins will be assigned by paid reservation. There will be a waitlist until all cabins have been paid for.

    • Please do not put a small child in the top bunk unless they are able to get up and down on their own.

    • If you move the beds around, please double check the legs to make sure they are still locked.

    • Feel free to bring coverings for the windows, or to set up a changing area.

    • If you reserve cabin space, you are responsible for making sure it is clean at the end of the event. Each cabin has a broom and dustpan, along with a small trash can.

Cabins are waitlist only.

Click on the cabin type for more information and to see photos.

Refund Policy

    • Individuals requesting a pre-registration refund must contact the autocrat and reservation clerk prior to the pre-registration deadline.

    • Refunds requested after the pre-registration date will be considered on a case by case basis and only for extreme or emergency cases.

    • Any refunds will be issued in the form of a check drawn on the Barony of Stonemarche checking account. Refund checks will be issues after the event books have been closed.

    • Partial refunds for a group reservation where one or more individuals could not attend, and the request was made before the reservation deadline, can be issued.

    • No refunds will be issued after the reservation deadline if the event does not make a profit.

    • There will be no cash refunds at gate. No exceptions.