Site Rules & FAQ

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Important Vehicle, Parking and Accessibility Information:

Unloading and Loading your vehicle: 

Due to the recent weather, we are unable to drive on the grass. Vehicles can drive on the stone path and park next to the garden fence. Farm carts will be available to help move your gear from your vehicle to your camping area. Because of the limited vehicle area, you will need to unload your vehicle, park then come back to setup. We are asking that camps get setup starting at the tree line far side and move towards the gazebo. You can save space for others who are camping with you. On Sunday you will need to get everything packed (or almost packed), then get the vehicle and load it up. Vehicles won't be able to be parked in the tenting area for an extended amount of time. Please be courteous to your neighbors and lend a hand if needed. This is an unusual situation and we all appreciate your cooperation. Anyone caught driving on the grass or parking in an area not designated for parking may be evicted from site. 


The site has limited parking. If you are parked on site, please be courteous and park close to the car next to you. There will be someone there to assist in parking. The site parking is in a field, so lower vehicles may wish to park offsite. 

We have secured 2 offsite parking areas. There will be a shuttle going between the site and the offsite parking area on a regular schedule. Vehicles with trailers must use the offsite parking. The shuttle will run every hour on the hour for about 15 minutes. We will increase the frequency if needed. The stops will be clearly marked both on site and at the offsite parking area. 

Shuttle run times:


This site is on a hill so we have Golf Carts to help transport those who need it. This service will run every hour, starting 10 minutes before the hour and ending 10 minutes after (ie 8:50-9:10). If we know there is an activity that is starting or ending outside those time (end of feast, bardic, etc), the golf cart will be running then as well. The golf cart may be available outside of those times by prior request. There will be 3 main stops, 1 at the top of the hill by the tenting area, 2 near the main house and 3 down at the pond. When you check in, please inform gate if you have accessibility issues and they will give you a card with additional information. 

Golf Cart run times:

ADULT BEVERAGES: Please keep alcohol to period containers outside of your camp. Please be responsible with your non-period containers. The drinking age in NH is 21. Underage drinking will not be tolerated. You are responsible for your own actions. Actions which pose a danger to yourself or others may result in expulsion from the event without refund.

COVID: Masks are currently not required. Please practice social distancing whenever possible and be considerate of others. 

CHILDREN: This is a large partially wooded site on a lake. We ask that children under 5 are with a responsible adult at all times. Children between 5 and 12 should be within sight and hearing distance of a responsible adult. Parents/guardians are responsible for the behavior of their children. Continuous non-compliance can result in expulsion from the site without refund.

Minors may attend the event with an adult who is not their parent/legal guardian provided that the proper paperwork is provided. A notarized medical release and minor waiver must be signed by the parents/legal guardian and brought to site with the child.

FIRE PITS: There are several firepits available for our use. You can also bring elevated firepits, but if the firepit is low, we ask that you protect the grass below using concrete paving stones or something similar. Feel free to collect dead wood from around the site. Wood may be available for purchase at the main house. Please do not bring firewood into site from outside the state. 

Feast: We will be having a Feast on Saturday night in the feast hall. Join us as we gather together to enjoy a meal together and toast the days events. The hall is smaller than our previous one, so number of seats will be limited. Pre-Reg is strongly suggested. A table signup sheet will be posted around noon on Saturday.

PETS: are NOT allowed on site. This is a working farm and we do not wish to harm the animals that live here. Service animals will be allowed provided that they are leashed or under proper control at all times, are well trained, and the owner picks up after them. It is the prerogative of the site or event staff to ask that the animal be removed if they become a nuisance .

POTABLE WATER: There is potable water available at the camping area and in the main house. Locations will be marked. In addition water coolers will be provided at all martial locations and near the classrooms during the day. 

QUIET HOURS: Between 10pm and 7am. Activity can still continue but be aware that there are other families and young children living on site and there are residents across the way.

SITE TOKENS: Site tokens need to be visible at all times. Feast tokens are part of your site token.

SMOKING: Camp Glen Brook encourages a NON SMOKING environment due the risk of fire on the property. Smoking in camp is not permitted.

SWIMMING: Unfortunately, there will be no swimming available this year.

TOILETS  / SHOWERS / GREY WATER: For the cabins and tenting area: there is a mixture of chemical and composting toilets. There are several outdoor shower stalls by the cabins site. Please be considerate of others when using the hot water in the showers. There will be grey water dumps which can be used after cleaning dishes. Please clean out the strainer when you are finished and remove any debris to prevent them entering in the grey water. You will need your own wash tubs, cleaning agents and sponges. 

TRAFFIC, PARKING AND OFF LOADING: When arriving at site, please park in the “visitor parking” lot in front of gate to sign in. Do not park on the road as it blocks traffic. Please refrain from driving on the grass. This is a working farm and we do not want to harm the land. There will be carts available to help bring your gear from your car to your camping area. Please drive slowly in camp and watch for pedestrians. After unloading your vehicle, please move it to the designated parking area. If you park in an area not designated for parking, you may be asked to leave site. Please keep your parking pass in the front window.

TRASH: This is a CARRY-IN CARRY-OUT event! Please, remember to bring garbage bags to take home trash and recycling. If you stay in a cabin, please sweep it out before you leave. There is a broom and dustpan in each cabin.