Site Rules & FAQ

ADULT BEVERAGES: Please keep alcohol to period containers outside of your camp. Please be responsible with your non-period containers. The drinking age in NH is 21. Underage drinking will not be tolerated. You are responsible for your own actions. Actions which pose a danger to yourself or others may result in expulsion from the event without refund.

COVID: Masks are currently required to be worn at all times while inside. Masks will also be required during all bardic performances, including the playing of wind instruments. There are good instructions online for making or altering a mask for use by musicians. Masks do not need to be worn while outside, eating or in your cabin / tent. Hand sanitizer will be available at all water stations and bathrooms. We ask that you wash your hands as often as possible. Please practice social distancing whenever possible and be considerate of others.

CHILDREN: This is a large partially wooded site on a lake. We ask that children under 5 are with a responsible adult at all times. Children between 5 and 12 should be within sight and hearing distance of a responsible adult. Parents/guardians are responsible for the behavior of their children. Continuous non-compliance can result in expulsion from the site without refund.

Minors may attend the event with an adult who is not their parent/legal guardian provided that the proper paperwork is provided. A notarized medical release and minor waiver must be signed by the parents/legal guardian and brought to site with the child.

FIRE PITS: There are several firepits available for our use. Feel free to collect dead wood from around the site. Wood is available for purchase at the Common Room. Please do not bring firewood into site.

Day Board / Feast: A Day Board will be offered on both Saturday and Sunday for those who wish to partake. We ask that you Pre-Reg for Day Board as we are limiting the number of people served.

We will be having a Feast on Saturday night in the feast hall. Join us as we gather together to enjoy a meal together and toast the days events. The hall is smaller than our previous one, so number of seats will be limited. Pre-Reg is strongly suggested. A table signup sheet will be posted around noon on Saturday.

** Anyone working in the kitchen or serving food will be wearing masks and gloves. Participants will not be allowed to reach in with their hands to take items. **

PETS: are allowed on site but they must:

  • Be up to date on their shots and have records proving so

  • Be leashed at all times during the event

  • Must be cleaned up after while on site

  • We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave should their dogs prove to be a nuisance or a danger.

POTABLE WATER: There is potable water available at or near all the bath houses, toilet facilities and the dining hall. In addition water coolers will be provided at all martial locations and near the classrooms during the day. If you are using your own drinking vessel, please keep the lip of the vessel at least 3” below the spigot to reduce the possibility of contamination.

QUIET HOURS: Between 10pm and 7am. Activity can still continue but be aware that there are other families and young children living on site and there are residents across the lake.

SITE TOKENS: Site tokens need to be visible at all times. Day board and feast tokens are part of your site token.

SMOKING: Whenever possible Lone Tree Camp encourages a NON SMOKING environment due the risk of fire on the property. The camp requests that you bring a metal container for the disposal of your butts and that you remove the container when you leave. Smoking in any other area around camp is discouraged.

SWIMMING: There is a beach, but no lifeguards will be on duty. Swimming is at your own risk. We require all children under the age of 18 to be accompanied by a responsible adult. If a child is found at the waterfront without an adult, the family will be warned and may be asked to leave if it happens a second time.

TOILETS/SHOWERS/ RUNNING WATER: There are 2 bath houses on site. There are trough sinks or water spigots near each toilet facility which can be used for cleaning dishes. Please clean out any sink when you are finished and remove any debris to prevent clogging the drains. You will need your own cleaning agents and sponges. In addition to the toilets available in the bath houses, there are also toilets in the Common Room across from the feast hall. Please be considerate of others when using the hot water in the showers.

TRAFFIC, PARKING AND OFF LOADING: When arriving at site, please park in the “visitor parking” lot in front of gate to troll in. Do not park on the road as it blocks traffic. Please refrain from driving on the grass. Please drive slowly in camp as the road is two way traffic and watch for pedestrians. After unloading your vehicle, please move it to the designated parking area. If you must park on the road into camp, park on the right side only, as far off the road as possible. Please keep your parking pass in the front window.

TRASH: This is a CARRY-IN CARRY-OUT event! Please, remember to bring garbage bags to take home trash and recycling. If you stay in a cabin, please sweep it out before you leave. There is a broom and dustpan in each cabin.