Site Map

Welcome to Lone Tree! We have finally finished the site map to help everyone get around. There will be several maps posted around the site to you orient yourself to the new site. There are 6 camping area to choose from. Starting from just after Gate and following around the site we have Fort Preble, Pine Tree, Sacawacas, The Point (past the Parade Ground), Kiwanis, and finally Pentucket. The camp sites are numbered 1-6 on the map to help you find them.

Some of the sites will have a designated parking area towards the back of the camping area and others will need to park in the parking lot. The parking area in the camp sites should be marked with plastic surveyor's tape, and have a poster board with parking instructions. All of the campsites are in lightly treed areas, so please be careful when driving.

We are asking people who are camping to fill in from the front of the camping area to the back. You may save some space for others who are camping with you. You may park your vehicle behind your tent/cabin against the tree line, but it will possibly get blocked in until you are ready to leave on Sunday.

Drive slow. Most of the roads are dirt and sand and weave between trees. Some of the roads are marked as one way. The roads are not very wide and we are trying to alleviate the two way traffic where possible. Please respect others and follow the signs. Where roads are 2 way, please pull off to the side if you are able.

Site opens at 4 on Friday. If you volunteer to help with setup, you can get on site as early as noon. If you would like to help out during the event, please go to to look at the opportunities and sign up. We look forward to seeing you all soon!

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