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We plan on holding classes both indoors and outdoors. Sanitizer/disinfectant will be available for use between classes. Please feel free to bring your own chair.

Children Appropriate:

Children's Story Time

Make Your Own Stonemarche Sheep


Becoming Conical: 16th-Century Staymaking

Built Fjord Tough: Sewing Neat Necklines (and other edges)

Cutting fabric on the bias: how and when to use it

Introduction to Heian Women's Clothing

Pilgrimage and Power: The Travelling Outfit of Heian Japan

Why Bother With Bara


Beginning Bookbinding - Long Stitch Limp Binding

Fiber Arts:

Arachne's Web Meeting

Athena's Thimble Panel

The Basics of Hand Applique

Braids in Bobbin Lace

Embroider with Beads

Inkle Weaving 101 Patterns & Setup

An Introduction to Andean Textiles

Kumihimo Cord Making

The Low-Down on Laid-Work: (Bayeux stitch, lessons learned)

Small cap pincushions

Tablet Weaving Variables and How To Cope

Wool dying


Forest of Stonemarche meeting

How to make a good old fashioned fire

Food arts:

Elderberry: Good for you then, Good for you now

History and Culture:

Living with the Dead: An Introduction to Death in the Andes

Medieval games of chance

Myths and Monsters of the Knowne World: An Introduction to Medieval Bestiaries


Sparkly and Shiny Mini Edition!

Performing Arts:

Embracing Improvisation

How was Medieval Music Written?

Round and Round We Go: Singing Period Rounds

The Story of Your Stories

SCA Life:

CAWS and what it is!

Get Loud: An Introduction to List Heraldry

Things I Wish I Knew When...: A Guide to Running Events in the SCA

Scribal arts:

EK Scribes Get Together

Introduction to Russian Calligraphy and Illumination

Mystical Arts:

Introduction to Palmistry


Soothsayers Guild Meeting